empowerment for all

supporting Refugeees & displaced people globally. From hurricane harvey victims
to california wild fire victims to syrian refugees
and everyone in between

Pack for Goods

While designing amazing backpacks is important, we want to make the travel experience better, for everyone. For every backpack purchase, we donate a bag of goods to refugee and displaced persons. Whether it be Hurricane Harvey victims or Syrian refugees, we believe everyone has the right to travel with ease. Great adventures are out there to be had and traveling to them should be a breeze.

About us

BRIIDGS first started after traveling to Jordan and having the opportunity to visit a refugee camp. It was a very humbling experience seeing normal people like engineers and accountants affected by something completely out of their control. While on this trip and traveling for work, we noticed another problem with travel bags.

They were either too bulky and large or weren't professional enough to use on work travels. We decided to use my experiences from my visit to a refugee camp with my experiences traveling here in the states to design a backpack that works for your next weekend getaway.